About us

Worldwide there is a huge demand for products labled as „Made in Germany“. Since the label “Made in Germany” raises great expectations in terms of quality and reliability, it is reserved for products that have received a special treatment in Germany.

Our page is a merger and unique platform of german businesses and their respective products in the categories CARS-BOATS-HOUSES-LIFESTYLE and LIVING. Professional product presentation, including the appropriate information, are the foundation auf our platform.

Our FORUM as well as our “Made in Germany” NEWS-site will be further cornerstones of this platform. Our FORUM gives you the opportunity to contact the executive engineers of the corresponding companies. The FORUM can also be used to share knowledge and experience with the whole community. Our NEWS-site will feature the topics POLITICS-ECONOMY-LIFESTYLE-HEATLTH-PANORAMA-TECH and CULTURE.

During the year 2015 we will add a SHOP-feature, which allows you to purchase the products you discovered at madein-germany.de.

To present your company madein-germany.de please register on miggroup.de .